What Would Cats do Without Their Tiny Paws?

Paws are Much More than Just Cute.

Cat’s paws are not just cute. They have multipurpose functions for a cat. They aid in hunting, eating, grooming, climbing, running, and walking. I could go on and on. Actually, I really can’t think of any cat activity that does not involve these tiny pads, except sleeping.

Amazing Anatomy of the Cats Paws

The anatomy of the cats pads is amazing. To begin with, they absorb shock. This protects the kitty when he jumps or falls. However, they also act as little sensors. They have many nerve receptors which help the cat to sense vibrations. This alerts them to the position of their prey. In addition to these two functions, they help cats climb. Their front paws turn inward and make climbing easy. Climbing a tree is a snap. However, guess what, he has to back down. These tiny paws just don’t work for the decent.

Kitty’s Paw

All cats, excluding the Cheetahs, retract their claws. Can you imagine what it would be like if the cat did not retract his claws? “If a cat kept his claws out all the time, his claws would ensnarl everything!” says Dr. Sarah J, Wooten, DVM, CVJ, consulting veterinarian. The cats tiny paws act as sheaths and protect his nails.

Humans have many sweat glands to keep them cool. However, the only place that kitty has sweat glands is in his paws. The next time you take your cat to a veterinarian, check to see if they are damp. Is he showing a bit of anxiety? In addition, these tiny paws have scent glands. These glands are tucked up under the grooves between the cats toes. Consequently, whenever the cat is kneading or scratching, he is leaving his scent.

Kitty’s Scrubbers

In conclusion to all this, I want to mention that kitty’s feet have built-in scrubbers. Think about it! He uses his paw to clean areas that he can’t reach with his tongue. First, he licks the pad and then, with his built-in scrubber, cleans his ears, nose, etc. What would kitty do without his tiny paws?

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