The Marvel of the Little Pink Tongue

The Tongue, the Cats Most Active Muscle

Indeed, the cat’s tongue is the cats most active muscle. It is important for a number of reasons. For instance, this little pink tongue is vital for eating, drinking, grooming, and tearing his food apart. Let’s delve a little more deeply into the anatomy of this tiny organ.

Cat’s most active muscle

What’s with the Sand-Papered Tongue?

What’s with the sand-papered-tongue? A cat’s tongue is rough, sort of like sand-paper. When we look at the cat’s little pink tongue we immediately think of something soft and squishy. Well, a cat’s tongue is definitely not that! It is covered with barbs. These barbs are called papillae and are vital to the cats existence, health and cleanliness. The interesting thing about these barbs is that they turn backward. When a cat pulls meat off a bone, these barbs rotate and are perpendicular to the tongue. You can see how important these barbs are to kitty. They help him to get that very last morsel.

Tongue Barbs

More Unique Benefits of the Little Pink Tongue

The cat’s little pink tongue benefits our furry little friends in grooming. Scientists estimate that cats grooming time is about 2.4 hours a day. That is about a quarter of their awake time. The cat’s tongue really gets a work out. However, its barbs are a tremendous benefit to the cat. The barbs on the front of the tongue are longer than the others and help the cat to untangle any knots that are in his hair.

Another unique benefit of the cat’s little pink tongue is its ability to lap water. It is fun to watch a cat lap water. But how do they do it? They lap so fast that it is almost impossible to see how they do it. Amazingly enough, when a cat laps water, he curls the tip of his tongue back and not up. It acts like a tiny scoop that propels a column of water right into his mouth. En conclusion, the cat’s little pink tongue is an amazing marvel.

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