Can House Cats Be Truly Happy?

Myth: Cats Need Outside Access To Be Happy.

This is only a myth.  House cats are happy when their needs are met. Cats love to play with their owners. They enjoy cat toys and an invigorating scratch on a cat tree. Daily stimulation is necessary to encourage needed exercise for them to stay healthy and happy.  Kitty is happy with his owner’s tender loving care.

Happy cat

A Few Tips To Keep House Cats Happy.

Play with your cat! House cats need to play regularly! This play time has a number of benefits. For example, it gives the cat the attention that he needs. He feels important and secure. Moreover, he enjoys being one of the family. Playing provokes exercise that he needs. Moreover, it has a bonding effect between cat and owner. So, give him a variety of toys. Reward him with some toys that satisfy his stalking instinct and others for just the joy of playing.

We humans are content with horizontal space. However, this is not so with house cats. They enjoy both horizontal and vertical space. Therefore, a cat tree satisfies their instinct to climb and they love high perches. These vertical trees provide vital exercise for kitty and promote good health. An ideal spot for a cat tree is in front of a window. Cats love to view outside activities.

I have a couple more tips that make house cats happy. Firstly, and this is something you already know, feed your cat a good balanced diet but not to much of it. Obese cats are prone to disease. And secondly, cats enjoy cleanliness. Perhaps we could call them “neat freaks”. Most of the time when they aren’t sleeping, they are cleaning themselves. Have you ever noticed how daintily they drink water. They don’t want to get their chin to far down into the water bowl. Along the same line of cleanliness, they abhor litter boxes that are not kept clean. A nasty job for the owner but your happy cat will thank you. Enjoy your frisky, furry friend!

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