Cat Facts That You May not Know About

Facts About Cats and Humans

We have a beautiful relationship with our cats. The cat jumps up on our lap and starts to purr and rub her head against our hand. In her cat language she says, I love you. What is our reaction? Subsequently, we pet her head. She purrs and we feel delighted. A little spark of joy springs up inside us knowing that the cat is happy and content. We love our pets, don’t we? They are part of our family. However, how much do we know about these little creatures. There are an amazing amount of unusual cat facts about them. Lets look at a few of them.

Concerning Their Anatomy

Cat Facts about feline eyes

Sometimes we refer to a person as having beautiful big eyes, but did you know that the cat has the biggest eyes in relation to their head size of any mammal. They really are huge compared to their tiny faces. And did you know that they have whiskers on the back of their front legs as well as their face? Why the whiskers? To clarify, they are the cat’s tape measure, making sure a space is large enough for their body to enter.

Let’s talk about another of the many interesting cat facts. Many cats are ambidextrous. That is to say, they use their right or left paw interchangeably. It doesn’t matter which one. However, there are about 40% of cats that do have a preference. Among these, a male cat uses his left paw more. But, the female cat uses her right paw more. Check out your cat. Is your cat left pawed or right pawed or is he or she one of ” it does not matter” types?

In conclusion, there are so many incredible cat facts but I just want to mention one more here. Many cats are over-joyed and love to lick their cat parents freshly washed hair. Does your cat do that? What loving and interesting creatures we have, correct?


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