Sensitive Spots are Out of Bounds!

Those Incredible Sensitive Areas

Cats react to certain sensitive areas on their body. They enjoy attention from their cat owners but there are a few “don’s touch me” areas. Do you notice a strange reaction when you stroke his back close to the tail? Does he become uneasy or does he really like it? Some cats make a strange garbling noise every time this spot is touched. It’s really funny to watch them when this happens. However, is the cat enjoying it or is this one of those “don’t touch me” sensitive spots?

Evading Those Sensitive Spots

Cats have a number of sensitive spots. Have you thought about your cat’s feelings? Felines use their body language to communicate with their owners. Their body language teaches us a whole lot about their pleasure or displeasure. For example, at times, your cat’s tail demonstrates affection or in contrast, displeasure. Therefore, by understanding your cats communication to you, sensitive spots can be avoided.

I love this touch, no sensitive area here!

Enjoying the Touch

Cats enjoy being touched in the appropriate areas. Not every cat reacts the same. Pam Johnson-Bennett is a Cat Behavior Consultant and owner of Cat Behavior Associates, LLC. She relates that most cats enjoy petting under the chin or on the back of the head. Some cats enjoy strokes down their back to the tail. However, other cats do not like it at all. She reminds us that the cat’s belly may also be one of those sensitive spots. At the same time, some cats enjoy it.

So, where are your cat’s sensitive spots. Be aware of signs of displeasure in your cat’s behavior. Some examples of these signs are, he stops purring, turns his face to look at you, puts his ears back, or increases the movement of his tail.

To sum this up, be aware of your cats body language. When petting your cat, Pam Johnson Bennett says, “Watch your cat and make sure it’s still a pleasant experience.”

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