What’s with Cat Circles?

Cats and Intriguing Circles

Cat circles present a mystery. Is it true that if you tape a circle on the floor, a cat will sit in it? That depends on the cat. In short, some will and some will not. However, let’s talk about the ones that do sit in these enclosures. In March of this year, an interesting article appeared in the Philippine Star News Paper. As you know, due to the corona virus, protocols have been set up all over the world. For example, this was also true in Quezon City, in the Philippines. In front of one of their sidewalk markets, the store owner placed circles on the ground. This was to make sure people observed the six foot distance rule. However, instead of people standing in the circles, cats sat in them. Cats find enclosed spaces intriguing.

Circles for Kitty

Ongoing Cat Mystery

So, the mystery of cat circles continues. They also baffle veterinarians and cat associations. Why do cats like to sit in a circle? Some suggest that cats react unconsciously to a mystical power of circles. Importantly enough, cat experts trash this idea. So, why do cats do it?

Mieshelle Nagelschneider, is a renowned cat behaviorist and author of the book, The Cat Whisperer. She states, “You can boil many cat behaviors down to one reason and the reason is survival.” She goes on to say that a circle does not protect the cat. However, psychologically, when he sees the border of the circle he feels that it is a safe place to be.

A house cat knows his environment well. Consequently, he checks out anything new or different that arrives in the home. Placing an unknown object on the floor arouses his curiosity. In this case, he sees something round, a wonderful enclosed object and is drawn to it. He sits in it and feels protected. In other words, the mystery of cat circles seems to be a natural behavior for some cats.

Your Cats and Enclosures

In conclusion, have some fun with your cat. Draw a tape circle on the floor. Even better, if you have something like a sash, use it to make a round space for him to sit in. This will give the cat the feeling of a higher border. Having done this, watch your cat’s reaction. Have fun with cat circles!

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