The Cat with the Curled Back Ears.

The American Curl Cat and Their Ears

The American Curl Cat curls its ears back instead of having straight ears like other cats. Because of this, they are one of America’s most unique cat breeds. Although still a bit uncommon, they habitat in Spain, Japan, Russia, and many other countries as well as the USA. These felines with the curled back ears attract the admiration of many and are a real treasure.

Curled back ears

Characteristics of the Curled Eared Cat

The curled eared cat is born with straight ears. How about that? So what’s the deal? Actually, it takes a bit of time for them to curl their ears. It takes three days or more for this to happen. Similarly, the curling process is completed in about four months. The degree of curl in each cat varies. For example, some of these curled back ears are almost straight while others arc from 90 degrees to 180.

This special breed of cat is also known as the “Peter Pan” of cats. They retain their kitten-like personalities for a life time. Even a senior is playful. Therefore, these adorable and cute felines are good companions for almost anyone.

The American Curl is a healthy breed. However, their ears need frequent and careful cleaning. The ears require care as the cartilage in the ear may be damaged. These curled back ears enable dirt to enter and cause possible infections.

These cats display an array of colors and patterns. For example, some are a solid color. Others are a variety of colors. Their walnut-shaped eyes demonstrate the trade-mark of this breed. These medium sized cats weigh from 5-10 lbs. They reach maturity in about two or three years. Their tail is amazing. It is like a beautiful flowing plume that is different from other feline breeds. In conclusion, these beautiful cats with the curled back ears merit attention and are truly a treasure.

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