Teacup Cats and a Teacup

What are Teacup Cats?

Teacup cats are just very small felines. Actually, they are smaller than what is known as miniature cats. They fit in a teacup when they are small kittens. These tiny cats are so cute and desirable. However, there are some very important facts that one needs to investigate before purchasing one of these little jewels. First of all, are they really teacup cats. For example, are they being sold as teacup cats but are litter runts or unhealthy kittens. Be aware!

Teacup Kitten

Genetics and Tiny Cats

Breeding cats for simply physical results, in this case to make them small, can cause genetic problems. ” That’s one of our major concerns with breeding for purely physical attributes,” Katie Lisnik says. Katie is a Humane Society director for cat policies and protections.

Genuine teacup cats are born with a genetic dwarfism which makes them small all over. They have the same instincts to act and play like any other cat. However, it is more common for them to have health problems. One of these is growth retardation which causes the bones to be soft. Due to this, the cat becomes weak. And in addition, the complications of being smaller can cause heart murmurs, and neurological problems. It can even cause seizures. Breeding for purely physical attributes can cause many other physical problems.

In conclusion, if your are planning on bringing one of these adorable little teacup cats home, take some time and look for a responsible breeder. A genuine breeder pays strict attention to the cats health and hygiene. He will gladly discuss all these issues with you. Enjoy your little teacup!

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