What About this Gentle Giant?

Maine’s Huge and Gentle Cat

Everyone loves the huge, sociable, and gentle Maine Coon Cat. Its nickname is “the gentle giant.” His size and gentleness give him this name. This cat is one of the oldest breeds in America. It is the largest breed to be domesticated. The state of Maine claims its origin. This humongous beauty is their official state cat. However, the real origin is still a mystery.

Characteristics of These Gentle Giants

These cats are characterized by their huge muscular build and weigh anywhere from 18 to 20 lbs or more. Some measure a few inches more than a yard stick. That is a big cat! Another name for these cats is “Dogs of the Cat World.” Moreover, they merit some dog-like characteristics such as loyalty and enjoy being around people. They play fetch and walk on a leash. This gentle giant is one of the most popular cat breeds in the USA.

Giant Cat

There is something else about these gentle giants that is unique. They are physically adapted for surviving in cold weather. Those of you who live in the north know what I am talking about. Imagine a cat out in the cold in Maine! Maine Coons fur is dense and water-resistant. This fur is longer on the their underside and rear. Importantly, this gives them protection when sitting in the snow. Moreover, their tail is long and bushy like a raccoons and resists sinking in the snow. They wrap their tail around their face to keep the howling wind off. Likewise, they tuck their tail under them and use it as an insulated seat cushion. In addition to this, these amazing gentle giants have big paws which facilitate walking on snow. Some even have extra toes which gives them a bigger paw.

Maine Coons are vocal cats with unusual yowling, and chirps. Their meow is a combination of a trill and a purr. In conclusion, Americans love these beautiful gentle giants and it is easy to understand why.

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