Beautiful White, Blue Eyed Cats

Blue Eyes and Deafness

There is an annoying fact about cats with blue eyes and deafness. Are you are thinking about owning one of these beautiful white, blue eyed cats? I would like to inform you a little bit about their eyes. First of all, they may have the eye color of green, golden, pink, or blue. In addition, they may have one eye that is blue and the other a different color. The blue eyed cat is the one we want to talk about . There may be a problem of deafness.

This is not to say that all blue eyed cats are deaf. Researchers have found that 17 to 22 percent of white cats are born deaf if they have non-blue eyes. However, 40 percent of felines with one blue eye are deaf. A cat having one blue eye may be deaf in one ear. The deaf ear will be on the same side as his azure eye. Cats that are deaf in only one ear may seem perfectly normal. Therefore, their cat parents may never be aware of the problem. On the other hand, 65 to 85 percent of these white cats with two eyes the color of blue, are born totally deaf.

Blue eyed cats

Cause of Deafness in White Cats With Blue Eyes.

The cause of deafness in white, blue eyed cats is the lack of melanin. What is melanin? The dictionary says it is, and I quote, “the pigment occurring in the hair, skin, and iris of the eye in people and animals.” These cats lack melanin in their skin as well as in the iris of their eyes. More importantly, the stem cells which should turn into melanin-producing cells are those which affect the cats hearing as well as the color of his eyes. In conclusion, if you are planning to be the owner of one of these gorgeous blue eyed cats, be aware of the possibility of the deafness problem. The good news is, not all white cats have this problem. Enjoy your cat!

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