Have You Checked Your Cat’s Weight Lately?

Problems for Obese Cats

Obese cats are at risk for health problems. A study preformed by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention concluded that 59% of cats are obese. Felines who are over-weight are at risk for disorders such as diabetes, arthritis, kidney disease and more. Is your cat’s weight normal? Would you know if your feline needs to trim down a little?

The Norm for a Cat’s Weight

The norm for domestic cat’s weight is about 10 pounds. However, this has to vary with the breed of the cat. For example, a Siamese cat weighs about five pounds. On the other hand, the huge adorable Maine Coons weighs in at 20+ pounds.

Your cat’s weight gain is to be taken very seriously. Just a couple of extra pounds can put your feline at risk. If you have a question about your cat, check with your vet. However, there are a few things that you can look for on your own. According to Dr. Mustillo, DVM, you should look for the following things. Does your cat have a saggy belly hanging down? Not good! Can you feel the cats ribs? Dr. Mustillo says that you should be able to.

Cat’s Weight, Sagging Belly

Weight Reduction is possible

The good news is, reduction of a cat’s weight is possible. Here are a few tips for getting your cat slim and trim. Firstly, set distinct mealtimes for your cat. Don’t leave a bowl of food where he can nibble. Secondly, replacing some of his dry food with canned will give him more protein and fewer carbohydrates. Thirdly, cut back on treats. Play with him instead. And finally, make sure he gets plenty of exercise.

Importantly, exercise is a weight reducing factor. Exercise is as important to him as a good diet. Give him a high cat tree on which to romp and play, challenge him with a cat wand or teach him to play fetch. In conclusion, check out your cat’s weight, find out what kind of diet is best for him and what should be his daily intake. Make sure he gets a scheduled amount of exercise daily.

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