Do Cats Love Bites Mean Affection?

What are Love Bites?

Cats love bites are a way of showing affection. How we enjoy it when our cat jumps up on our lap and begins to purr. When the purring begins, we know that the cat is happy to be with us. We start to pet him and he enjoys it. We enjoy it too. The purring has a calming effect and there is a feeling of mutual admiration between us. But then, as we continue to pet his lovely fur, he quickly turns around and bites us. The bite does not break the skin but what is this all about? Being bitten is not pleasant for anyone. What’s with the cat? Why is he content and purring one minute and biting the next? His behavior changes so very quickly. Why?

Over stimulation

Cat Daddy Jackson Galaxy, cat behaviorist, says that cats love bites come from over- stimulation. He quotes, “It’s called petting-induced over stimulation.” He also mentions that a cat takes only so much petting. After so much time, their hair receptors begin to hurt. Because of this, the cat jumps off of your lap or gives you an unexpected bite.

Responding to Over Stimulation

What can we do to evade unpleasant and unexpected cats love bites? Study the cats language. This is one of the best ways to deal with the situation. Watch for a change in the posture of the cats ears, or a switching tail. Does he all of a sudden seem uneasy? Dr Tern Bright who is director of Behavior Services at MSPCA-Angell in Boston suggests this. “If the cat typically bites after five petting strokes, the owner should always stop at four strokes.” Some cats enjoy resting on their owners lap but do not like to be petted. Not all cats are the same. In conclusion, help your cat by not over-stimulating his hair receptors which triggers cats love bites.

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