Cute Little Toe Beans

What are Toe Beans?

What are toe beans? Perhaps you already know about your cat’s toes. However, if you don’t, here is a description of what they are. According to the urban dictionary, toe beans are “the pink squishy pads on the underside of an animal’s paws, particularly a cat’s, so named for their resemblance to jelly beans.”

Toe Beans

What Helps a Cat to Absorb Shock?

Toe beans absorb shock. These soft and squishy jelly bean shaped pads are sensitive and important to a cat. When the cat accidentally has a fall , these tiny pads help to protect her from getting hurt. We have all heard the saying “cats have nine lives”. There are incredible stories of cats falling from a high-story building and landing on its feet. This is due partly to its flexible back and ability to align the body during the fall. However, when the cat lands, it is the toe beans that receive the shock. These tiny pads contain a lot of fatty tissues and absorb the shock as the cats alights.

A Cats Fascinating Toe Bean Walk

One of the fascinating characteristics of a cat’s walk is that she walks on her toe beans. The cat’s anatomy enables her to walk, let us say, on her tiptoes. Humans walk on their heels and then the ball of the foot. Not so with kitty, she walks on the ball of her foot then those squishy little jelly beans . Consequently, she is a very quiet walker and a great hunter.

Your Cat’s Scent and Sweat Glands

Your cat’s scent and sweat glands are tucked between their toes. Motion such as scratching or kneading produces a scent for marking the cats territory. Other cats are well aware of this scent but humans cannot smell it.

Humans have sweat glands in different locations of the body but cats only produce sweat with their toe beans. This happens when the cat is to hot or is nervous.

In conclusion, each tiny jelly like pad on the bottom of the feet is natures way of providing well being and survival for a cat.

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