Athletic Cat

Athletic Cat is a good name for your feline. She can do the high jump without any problem at all. Her high jump is astounding. She can easily compete with the high jumper. But that’s not all, she can perform as a ballerina and daintily balance herself on the top of a fence. She has balletic grace.

The High Jump of the Athletic Cat

The high jump is one of the cat’s amazing athletic feats. With the exception of the Maine Coon, domestic cats are not large animals. However with a run-up, cats can jump five or six times their length. What we are talking about here is the measurement of the cat from its nose to the hindquarters, not including the tail.

The athletic cat, in a standing position, can clear a six foot fence. However, this depends on the health, size, and age of the cat. For example, a healthy lean cat is able to jump higher than an overweight one. Some breeds are excellent jumpers. It is amazing how high a kitten can jump. Of course, it is more difficult for any cat to jump from a standing position.

Athletic Cat

The Cat’s Acrobatic Tightrope Walk

The tightrope walk is another feature of our athletic cat. What is it that gives her the astounding ability to walk those narrow fences? Just as a tightrope walker uses a pole for balancing, the cat uses her tail.

The felines anatomy has given her amazing balancing skills. She has a flexible back and lacks a true collarbone. Her shoulder blades adapt to her movements. Therefore, she is very agile in keeping her balance and can quickly align her body against a fall. When she is off balance, her inner ear lets her know. She immediately begin to align her body. She adjusts her head first, then her front feet. After that, she aligns the rest of the body. In conclusion , our little feline is definitely an athletic cat!

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