A Scratching Post for Kitty

Is a Scratching Post Important?

The scratching post that you choose for your cat is important. Some cat posts are to high for a kitten. This intimidates the tiny feline. However, full grown cats desire a post high enough to provide a complete body stretch. Poorly constructed posts fall over and destroy the cats interest in it completely. However, a good scratching post made of high quality materials is sturdy and stable. It excites the cat when he digs his claws into that wonderful sisal wrapped post.

Scratching Post

Location of the Post.

A post placed in a solitary spot is unacceptable. Cats are people friendly and enjoy being close to their family. Look for a spot where the cat feels included in the family. A good place for the scratching post is by a window. Cats love to observe the outside world. But there again, they want to be part of the family.

When introducing a kitten to a scratching post, place the post in a position where you can play around it. For instance, use of a cat wand entices the cat to approach this new piece of furniture. Many cats will enjoy a cat post while others need to be trained to use it. Cat nip makes some older cats curious enough to investigate the post. If your cat has a special place where she loves to sit, place the post there. Move the post later if you desire but move it a little at a time.

Hope for the Furniture

Furniture scratching is a problem for some of us. Most cats love their post. However, there are some who prefer to scratch the sofa or a chair leg. Place the post close to the scratched item. There are products available for enticing the cat to the post. There are others to spray on your furniture which is distasteful to the cat. In conclusion, locating a scratching post determines the cat’s desire to use it.

The use of a cat wand the cat close to or even on it.

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