What is Your Cat’s Tail Saying?

Cats Tails Communicate

Cats tails communicate but sometimes it is difficult to understand exactly what this body language is trying to tell us. Felines have complicated gestures. It has been said that only domesticated cats can walk with their tails straight up. Wild cats do not do this.

Dr. Eloise Bright is a veterinarian based in North Ryde, Australia. She states, “Cats have very expressive tails, so tail position and movement can tell us a number of things.” In other words, cats tails communicate. What are some of the ways that the cat’s tail helps us to understand our little feline. Lets take a look.

Cats tails communicate.

Vertical Position

The vertical position of cat’s tails communicates two things to us. First, how does your cat greet you when you return from work or other activity? Her tail is vertical and it quivers a little. That’s because she is happy and so glad to see you. However, when this posterior appendage puffs up, look out! Kitty is not in a good mood. She is annoyed and feels threatened. This may be accompanied by an arched back and hissing.

Twitching Tail Tip

Twitching of the tail tip is another way that cats tails communicate with their family. Her tail tells us how extremely interested she is in something. Have you ever watch your cat intently peer at something through a window? You have, without a doubt, but did you notice the tiny twitch at the end of the cat’s tail? The twitch shows the cat’s interest and utmost concentration.

Beware of Abrupt Swishing

The cat’s extremity has many movements but there is one that we need to take note of more than the others. When the cat switches its tail abruptly, and it is time to listen up. A cat tires of petting sometimes. Due to this, she shows her displeasure. If the petting continues, her mood changes to aggression. The tail switching tells us that she wants to be alone for a while. She tells us that cats tails communicate, and she wants us to know how she is feeling. In conclusion to all this, observe your cats tail.

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