Cats and Whiskers

Cats Sensory Tools

Have you ever noticed, when you introduce your cat to a new cat tree, that she will check out the hole of the playhouse before she enters. Her whiskers tell her if the hole is big enough for her to enter. That is to say that cats have their own built in measuring tape. Her whiskers tell her immediately if there is room for her whole body in the cat tree playhouse. The cats whiskers are the their sensory tools. They are more deeply embedded in the cats body than their fur hair. Cats whiskers are connected to their muscular and nervous system. These important cat hairs send sensory messages to the cats brain and helps them to understand their surroundings.

Secret Messages

As we examine these interesting cat hairs, we realize that there are 12 on each side of the cats face. These are distributed symmetrically and do even more than act as their sensory tool. They give us a hint as to the cats emotions. For example, if the whiskers are relaxed, the cat is relaxed, contented, and happy. If the whiskers are rigid and pulled back, the cat may be annoyed or feel threatened. If the whiskers are pushed forward, they are perhaps interested and curious about something.

Sensitive Whiskers

Have you ever tried to gently stroke you cats whiskers? I have tried to stroke my cats whiskers. As a result, the cats face twitched. That is to say, the cat did not like it. She was annoyed. On the other hand, she loves to be petted and her fur stroked, but her whiskers are out of bounds. Cats also have whiskers around their eyes. They respond to the tiniest touch of something. They are an essential protection to their eyes and face. En conclusion to all this, cats whiskers are amazing!

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