Those Wonderful High Places!

Felines tend to gravitate to high places. What makes a cat enjoy sitting on the top of your refrigerator or on the highest perch on a cat tree? There are a number of reasons contributing to this.

Innate Nature

The innate nature of felines is to climb to something high where she can observe her realm. Outside cats are both predator and prey. They escape to trees to evade their predators and they hunt for their food. The indoor house cat does not have to worry about hunting or being attacked by predators. However, their instincts are the same. To the cat, high places such as wall perches or tall scratching posts mean security, a place to retreat for safety. Small children, who follow kitty around, can annoy and cause stress for the cat. As a result, the cat immediately retreats to her high cat tree perch.

Vertical Space for Domestic Cats

Dr. Jennifer Fr, a veterinarian from Pennsylvania, states, “Vertical space is very, very important for cats.” She makes the suggestion that each cat should have a tall condo. These tall posts encourage exercise. There are various reasons why your cat should exercise daily. It helps to control weight gain, promotes activity, and bring contentment to your cat. Above all, it helps to keep your cat healthy, both physically and mentally. Katenna Jones, a certified cat behavior consultant states, ” Climbing posts are like litter boxes- they’re simply a must-have.” In conclusion, every home should be equipped with cat-specific vertical space.

A Warm Place for Kitty

Another reason kitty enjoys high places is because it is warmer up there. Heat rises and felines like to be warm. As you know, our normal body temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Not so with kitty. Her normal body temperature is 100.5 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. She enjoys sitting in the rays of sunlight coming through a window or she may choose to catnap on her very high perch which is lined with cozy faux fur.

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