Kitty’s Scratching Post

Kitty’s Introduction to a Scratching Post

Introducing your kitten to a cat scratching post may be frustrating at first. However, it should be a fun time for both you and your kitten. You get to enjoy the kitten’s excitement and playful antics and your feline learns that the post is something important to her.

Where to Put the Scratching Post

Before placing a cat pole, some thought must be given. Where would be the best place to put the cat scratching post. The kitten’s idea of a good place may not be yours. If you place the post in a secluded corner, the kitten will probably not take to it. Kittens want to be where people are. They prefer a prominent place in the home. Her place may not be your choice but as the kitten learns to use it, you can move it. If your kitten begins to scratch the carpet in a certain area, place the scratching pole there. Observe your cat. It is amazing how much the kitten can tell you by its actions.

Choosing a Suitable Cat Post

Choosing a suitable cat post is important for kitty. Choose one that is not complicated. If you choose a high post, the kitten will be intimidated by it. Either a single post or one of our kitten trees will be suitable for your little feline. You can add a more elaborate cat tree later.

Introducing Kitty to a Scratching Post

So, how do you go about introducing a kitten to a scratching post? There are a number of things that you can do. However, make sure that the kitten’s introduction to the post is a happy one.

So let’s get started! Start with a play time for your kitten. This needs to be scheduled daily so that kitty associates the post with play time. Purchase a wand type cat toy, or something that has a string with an attached article at the end. This will give the kitten something to swat. Play with your tiny pet around and cat post. Place the dangling cat toy close to the post in a position where the kitten has to reach up and swat at it. Place her favorite toy, if she has one, on the top of the cat scratching post and see if she will bound up to get it. Her introduction to the scratching post must truly be a fun one.


Continue with a scheduled play time. These play times will be rewarding. As a result, the kitten will realize that this new piece of cat furniture is wonderful to scratch. She will love this new addition to her home.

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