Choosing a Cat Scratching Post

Choosing a cat scratching post may be problematic. There is a number of them on the market. However, choosing the right one for your cat is another story. Before you purchase a scratching post, consider your cat’s needs. It is crucial that you consider the cat’s size. Is your pet still a kitten, or is he medium sized, or full grown? Do you have a huge Maine Coon? Can you imagine how high the post would have to be for a Maine Coon cat?

A good post has these four important features.

Number one: The cat post must be high enough so that the cat can stretch his whole body. If he has to hunch or crouch down to stretch, the post is not high enough. It must be higher than the cat’s whole body. Measure your cat!

Number two: Check out the sturdiness and structure of this cat furniture. Some posts are poorly made and fall over when the cat bonds up to them This discourages the cat from using it again. Make sure that the base is firm and won’t move or wobble.

Number three: The third thing to consider is the fabric on the posts. Make sure that they are wrapped with sisal rope. Cats love to dig their claws into sisal rope’s tree like substance.

Number four: Check out the maximum holding weight of this cat furniture. This could become problematic for you if you have multiple cats or a Maine Coon.

In conclusion, choose your cat tree carefully and enjoy your cat.

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