Give Your Senior Cat a Break!

Cat tree problems for senior cats.

Give your senior cat a Break! Cat trees may become a problem for senior cats. Is he still able to jump to his favorite perch, or has this become an agonizing task. As cats age, they become less active, less playful, less interested in that favorite high perch . However, I have good news for you. There is cat furniture suitable for senior felines.

Lifespan of cats

Cats live longer than they used to. This is due to improved nutrition and advanced veterinary medicine. The cat of eight years used to be called senior. That is not true anymore. Old age for cats today comes around 12 to 14 years. Dr. Goldstein, DVM, from Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, relates that his oldest feline patient reached the old age of 22 years. Having said this, we all know that senior cats need extra tender loving care. A suitable cat tree can help with this.

Contented Senior Cat

Cat trees for senior cats

A cat tree can benefit your aging feline. Can you imagine how frustrated your aged and beloved pet must be when he can’t quite make it to his favorite perch? Senior cats need to have access to things that bring them contentment , a scratching post, and their own perch. The cat may not be able to climb to the highest perch any more, but would love to have a perch he can reach and call his own. Such a perch would give him security and strengthen his emotional health. Some cat furniture has specific features such as ramps which help senior cats. Other cat trees have low perches that are close to the floor. Others have low hanging hammocks. In conclusion, an appropriate cat tree will bring satisfaction and comfort to your beloved cat. What a delight for your senior cat!

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